Designer clothes UAX! - Wear fish without meat!
Designer clothes UAX! - Wear fish without meat! Sisi sexi collection

Sisi sexi collection UAX!

"Why Czech girls that go just a barbecue in the garden party or to light a Sunday walk in the park, are dressed as if they just descended from the mountains?" She asks herself Silvie Szolnokyová and proposes a new collection for UAX! "I want to wear it more sexy, but it was still UAX! I designed clothes made ??of cotton with elesatan and is decorated with prints or UAX logo of stones. The new collection will make you sexy cats and you will continue to feel comfortable as you are at UAX used. Well, I'll be sexy and throw on the grill, I'm all ready. Your bikini SS "

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Designer clothes UAX! - Wear fish without meat!
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