Designer clothes UAX! - Wear fish without meat!
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Brand UAX! - Wear fish without meat!

We are a Czech manufacturer of clothing UAX! not only for leisure. Our domain are quality cotton shirts printed with UAX. We are a direct manufacturer of quality clothing brand UAX! and we place great emphasis on quality of materials. We create original and innovative prints, which are printed on more than 161 products UAX! manual screen printing. Now you can choose from 368 original prints UAX!. Screen printing ensures high quality and durable connection and printing material.

Zakázková výroba pro firmy

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Kvalitní produkty ze 100% bavlny s originálními potisky

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Customer support


phone: +420 731 574 676

Mon-Fri: 7:00 - 18:00


UAX s.r.o.

Bernartice nad Odrou 131

742 41 Czech republic

ID: 25874977

TAX ID: CZ25874977

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Designer clothes UAX! - Wear fish without meat!
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