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General terms and conditions of UAX!

General terms and conditions of UAX s.r.o for selling goods in the internet retail shop (hereinafter “VOP“):

I. Information about UAX s.r.o. :

Trading company: UAX s.r.o.
Registered office: Bernartice nad Odrou, 131, postal code 742 41
Registered: in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File No. 34417
Date of registration: 28 March 2001
Id. No.: 25874977
Tax Id. No.: CZ258749977
Account no.: 262939210/0300
IBAN: CZ8303000000000262939210
(hereinafter “UAX“)

II. Introductory provisions, definition of some terms

II.1. These GTC are an integral part of the binding terms and conditions of any binding relationship between UAX and any of its Customers.

II.2. Customer means:

If individual provisions of these GTC concern the Consumer or Entrepreneurs only, it is expressly stated in them. If " Customer" is mentioned, the provisions relate both to Entrepreneurs and Consumers.

II.3. These GTC, the binding relationship and matters in these GTC, or in a binding relationship not provided for therein, are governed by the relevant laws of the Czech Republic, in particular by Act No. 89/2012 (Civil Code), excluding conflict-of-law rules within the scope of international relations.

II.4. „Internet retail shop“ to which these GTC relate means the internet retail shop at the address operated by UAX.

III. Communication prior to the conclusion of this agreement

UAX informs that

IV. Information about individual technical steps leading to the conclusion of an agreement

V. Discounts UAX provides consumers with the following discounts in compliance with the conditions listed below:

a) Discount on postage:

b) Loyalty program:

The discount is counted for registered Customers who have completed the registration process and have agreed to receive the UAX newsletter. By cancelling the receipt of the UAX newsletter, the Customer automatically leaves the loyalty program and the discount from the loyalty program is not counted. Each concluded (shipped) order associated with the user account is included in the turnover.

The period for the spending list for the new Loyalty Program valid from 11.01.2021 is from 01.05.2019 and is valid indefinitely, for the entire period of registration in the Loyalty Program.

NOTE: The previous program was limited to a decisive period of 1 year (12 months)

Table of turnovers and discounts!

0 € - 9999 €0%
10000 € - 16999 €3%
17000 € - 24999 €5%
25000 € - 34999 €7%
35000 € - more 10%

Discounts from the loyalty program do not apply to special offers and promoted goods which are indicated as such. Such goods, however, are included in the total turnover.

Discounts apply only to goods, the transport and packaging charges are not included in the loyalty program.

If the value of the gift card (discount code) is higher than the value of the order to which a gift card (discount code) is applied, the excess payment will not be refunded.

Multi Discounts (gift cards, discount codes) cannot be counted. You can always use only one discount (discount code, gift card)

VI. Terms of payment:

The Customer chooses the method of payment before completing the order. UAX accepts the following payment conditions:

Where foreign purchases are made, only credit card, bank transfer or Pay Pal may be used for payment, with the exception of Slovakia where goods may be sent using the cash on delivery service of PPL.

VII. Terms of delivery

The subscriber selects the method for collecting goods before completing the order, with UAX offering the following options:

a) Personal collection free of charge is possible at the following addresses:

UAX! Original Shop Bernartice nad Odrou
Bernartice nad Odrou 131
742 41 Bernartice nad Odrou
Mon-Fri 7:00 - 15:00
GSM: +420 731 574 676

Delivery of the Czech Republic
- Electronically - by email -> 0.00 Kč with VAT -> dobírka 40.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 0.00 Kč with VAT
- Czech Post - BALÍKOVNA -> 70.00 Kč with VAT -> dobírka 40.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 1 500.00 Kč with VAT
- Czech Post - BALÍK NA POŠTU -> 80.00 Kč with VAT -> dobírka 40.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 1 500.00 Kč with VAT
- Czech Post - BALÍK DO RUKY -> 85.00 Kč with VAT -> dobírka 40.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 1 500.00 Kč with VAT
- PPL (for CZ) -> 109.00 Kč with VAT -> dobírka 40.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 1 500.00 Kč with VAT
Delivery of the Slovak Republic
- PPL (for SK) -> 170.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 2 500.00 Kč with VAT
Personal pickup
- Bernatice nad Odrou 131 -> 0.00 Kč with VAT -> dobírka 40.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 0.00 Kč with VAT
Shipping abroad
- PPL -> 500.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 5 000.00 Kč with VAT
- Czech Post - ABROAD -> 500.00 Kč with VAT -> zdarma limit 5 000.00 Kč with VAT

VIII. Exchange and return of goods

The Consumer may exchange goods only in the event that the purchased items are delivered to to the address of the registered office of UAX in an unused and undamaged condition. The goods package must include Protocol for complaint or replacement and a copy of the invoice. Download the protocol, fill it out, print it out and attach it to the package. The replacement will be implemented as soon as possible, about which the Consumer will be informed by email or by phone.

IX. Rights arising from defective performance

IX.1. The Customer is entitled to exercise the right to assert claims resulting from defects of goods which occur within 24 months after their acceptance. The defects shall be rectified with respect to the type of goods in accordance with Section 2169 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll. (Civil Code).

IX.2. The Customer shall notify the customer department of UAX at the e-mail address, or under the telephone number + 420 731 676 574, of the assertion of the right resulting from defective performance and then shall return the claimed goods with a copy of the invoice of the item, with a description of the defect and with a description of how the defect occurred and the way of how the defect should be remedied. After receipt of the goods, UAX shall confirm to the Customer in writing when the Customer claimed the right resulting from defective performance as well as how to repair it and how long the repair will take.

IX.3. The Customer is obliged to ensure sufficient transport packaging and acknowledges that the right arising from the defective performance may not be accepted in the event that goods are inadequately protected during transport.

X. Protection of confidential information, protection of personal data

By concluding the binding relationship, the Customer provides UAX with the consent of UAX, s.r.o. to use his/her personal data. Based on these data, the Customer will be informed about news and discounts in the e-shop of UAX. All personal data shall be treated as strictly confidential and be used in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., and in no way shall they be provided to any third party. UAX is committed to ensure the maximum protection of data that had been provided by the Customer so that such information cannot be exploited in any way.

XI. Final provisions

XI.1. These GTC shall enter into force and effect on 27.05.2020.

XI.2. These GTC have been drawn up in Czech and English and any contractual relations between UAX and the Customer may also be concluded in Czech and English.

XI.3. These GTC cancel any previous covenants in any form between UAX and the Customer, with validity and effect from the date of their effectiveness.

XI.4. The Customer was properly acquainted with these GTC when accessing the portal of UAX to order goods, and confirmed that he has understood and accepted such mutually adjusted rights and obligations without reservation

XI.5. The arrangements according to the respective contracts shall apply to the legal relations arising from the contractual relation concluded before the effective date of these GTC and the effects of these GTC shall be excluded, unless otherwise agreed by the Contracting Parties.

XI.6. UAX reserves the right to modify or change the GTC or any services at any time without prior notice.

Customer support

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phone: +420 731 574 676

Mo-Fri: 7:00 - 15:00


UAX s.r.o.

Bernartice nad Odrou 131

742 41 Czech republic

ID: 25874977

TAX ID: CZ25874977

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