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UAX! Loyalty program

How UAX Loyalty Program! works and how to get discounts up to 10%!

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Each of your closed (shipped) order which is paired with your user account is included in your turnover.

If your order is being processed and has not been closed (shipped), it does not count towards the Loyalty Program!

>Turnover is therefore an inventory of all your closed (shipped) orders for a given period.

The period for the spending list for the new Loyalty Program valid from 11.01.2021 is from 01.05.2019 and is valid indefinitely, for the entire period of registration in the Loyalty Program.

NOTE: The previous program was limited to a decisive period of 1 year (12 months)

Table of turnovers and discounts!

0 € - 9999 €0%
10000 € - 16999 €3%
17000 € - 24999 €5%
25000 € - 34999 €7%
35000 € - more 10%

Provided that you meet all the conditions of the loyalty program, you will see a detailed overview of all your orders in the user menu, as well as the amount of the discount in your loyalty program. You will also see how much you are currently missing to get the next level of discount.

Loyalty program UAX!

We make sustainable UAX clothing! - hand sewn in the Czech Republic
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