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Method of payment

Cash on delivery

Goods will pay the carrier upon delivery to your specified delivery address.

Price €1.63 with VAT

By cash on the spot

Goods pay cash on the spot chosen by the donor.


Bank transfer

After your order is complete you will be sent an email with details of your order and bank account to which you need to pay the full amount.

Crediting the amount paid to our bank account takes within 1-3 working days.

Account number: 1158360019/2250
IBAN: CZ5222500000001158360019

As a variable symbol indicate your order number.


Credit card

Credit card

Fast and secure payment for goods in which you are informed immediately if the payment was successful.

We accept MasterCard and VISA (that is, including the Maestro and Visa Electron). Check with your bank about the possibility of using your credit card to pay online.

How does it work?

After completing odjednávky you will be redirected to our processing bank that asks you to enter your card details: Credit card number, expiration date, and CVV2/CVC2 (last three digits printed on the signature strip of your card). If you have secured your card for payment through the internet, you will still be prompted to enter your password.

This information is entered directly into the payment page processing bank to ensure indecipherable encrypted data transfer and us only about the result of the authorization and gives the instruction to process the order. This eliminated the possibility of misuse of your credit card merchant (ie us). Your data are transmitted over the Internet protected by a high level of encryption and are not freely accessible. The result of the transaction you informed on the page and e-mail.

Payment was not made.

The reason for non-payment may be the following reasons:




The payment system PayPal is an internationally known way of payment. Account on the system can be thought of as a normal bank account, which can directly connect to millions of online shops around the world and move money from one account to another takes place immediately. It can be said that the Internet have all the same bank - PayPal.

On account of PayPal to move money best credit card. Thus, PayPal may act as a gateway for receiving payment cards - the amount that pulls the customer's account, the trader can immediately see on your PayPal account. PayPal accepts all commonly used types of credit cards. Consequently, it is possible to keep the money sent to the bank account of a normal bank transfer.

you own PayPal account, this convenient payment method is designed just for you. About your payment, we will know immediately following the call. To complete the purchase select the appropriate button "complete order" and you will be directed to a separate secure site where actually pay.

Then you will see a page with a recap of the entire purchase, where you can view and print the details of your order. Completing the order also means that is sent to you confirming e-mail with a clear summary of all necessary information.


We make sustainable UAX clothing! - hand sewn in the Czech Republic
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