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Board games UAX! - With UAX in the garden

Board games UAX! - With UAX in the garden

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Quality set of Golf croquet UAX with one hammer for 2-4 players. The content of the set is 6x goal, 1x pin, 4x ball, 2x stick with a hammer Instructions on how to play Golf Croquet can be found download here

Board games that are responsible? This is exactly what GOLF Croquet UAX is

It is made of wooden waste material created during the production of urban furniture of the Czech company Kovocité, which also includes wood production. it is there that the remains of quality wood from Jatoba and Acacia are made. Thanks to the idea of ​​the designer Kovocité Mga. Monika Lacková, who is behind the birth of DIDAWOOD, they got game products and teaching aids.

Design GAMES made of quality wood for children and adults It is also based on timeless design and graphics, which is why the new GOLF croquet collection bears the unique handwriting of the UAX brand, behind which stands graphic artist and designer Radek Leskovjan Golf croquet game for 2 to 4 players with inimitable UAX motifs

It is a simpler variant of association croquet. The game comes with the same equipment as the association croquet. The main principle of the game is only passing the goal. The rules are easier and the individual games are time consuming. Thanks to this, golf croquet has become very popular for players and spectators, not only abroad, but also in the Czech Republic! The equipment consists of 6 goals, 1 pin, 4 balls and a set of sticks.
Read 366x

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We make sustainable UAX clothing! - hand sewn in the Czech Republic
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