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Design 1061 - MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB

Size of large design 140x101mm (T-shirts)

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„I am working as screw“

You chose design MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB and now just click on something creative from a wide range of products UAX fish without meat! Scroll down on this page and you receive a lot of products that you print this, MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB we can prepare.

Work on the production of this unique original will take 10 working days.

In the first stage , ie 1-4 days seamstresses ready in accordance with the selected color and size of the stock and follows the first quality check before being admitted to the printer. 5-7 days team of experienced printers in your design MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB by screen printing prints by hand him over netting pushed strongly into the fabric. Because we want products UAX withstand rougher treatment , to transfer images to textiles we use this manual method , laborious and expensive screen printing. Thus, the printer selected image FOLOW YOUR HEART prepare to be on a sweatshirt , t-shirt , shorts , polo shirt, purse , laptop bag or perhaps a colorful planter. In the last stage eight days again passes control product quality for the expedition , and here to order printed MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB packed in the original cardboard box , pack your fix with UAX design a bumper sticker.

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Be original and do not go with the crowd!

T-shirt printed with 1061 - MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB is cool!

Design 1061 - MAKÁM JAK ŠROUB

We make sustainable UAX clothing! - hand sewn in the Czech Republic
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