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Verified by customers

Approved customers eureka is a new service that provides independent


assessment shops only from real customers and gives shoppers


information on how good are the services of the business. is a service that goes beyond the comparative experiments prices , catalogs or magazines trades on commodities . Its aim is to link all these resources in one place and advise users since the beginning of its procurement decisions especially what to buy and where to buy it . Certificate " Verified Customer " addresses the question of " where to buy a product neprohloupit " .

To able to recommend the best trade must consider many more aspects than just price. Due to the elimination of fear of online shopping and to avoid bad experiences must take into account in particular the quality of services trade (from pages clarity , placing complete information about pricing, delivery time, Newsletters , ... ) .

Why was

Approved customers?

On the Internet there are lots of services that is trying to assessment shops. Unfortunately , neither of them remembers that trade should evaluate primarily the customers that shop . Thus , the evaluation is open , they can evaluate your business owners themselves (obviously positive ) or vice versa competition (of course negative). This makes such an assessment becomes unusable aspect for decision-making , in which shop to buy .

second reason why such an assessment bývá useless is the fact that customers in a shop easily purchased and services trade is satisfied nemají much reason to seek a similar assessment services . There, on the contrary, most people hear who were dissatisfied about something . Again, this can not be too high predictive value .

It therefore comes with independent service Approved customers .

How does Verified by customers?

Verified customers are really just asking customers who bought at the store . It does this by sending a questionnaire 10 days ( time limit can be changed for each trade by the nature of the goods ) after making a purchase . Thus, the aim is to get an objective opinion and certified the quality of the trade that can stand quality and minimizes false evaluation.

The service operates

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